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The purpose of supervision is to provide a supportive and challenging context within which psychotherapists can discuss their work and think about their practice and effectiveness .

Members are responsible for arranging the form and frequency of supervision appropriate to client contact hours and experience.  Trainee members must use the ratio of supervision to client contact hours specified in their training contract. It is unethical for members to practise without regular supervision.

The task of both supervisor and supervisee is to work together to maintain and develop the efficacy of the supervisee`s psychotherapy, and to safeguard the interests of their clients.

On a Supervisors page you will find:

UKCP directory of approved supervisors Рthis means that GPTI has put this supervisor forward to the UKCP directory and has checked their qualifications  (trainees can count some hours of supervision for their GPTI training requirements Рplease see Training Handbook for details).

GPTI Supervisor – this means that supervisors have acquired specific GPTI accreditation to supervise GPTI trainees (and trainees can count the hours of supervision for their GPTI training requirements).


Find a Supervisor

Find a Supervisor

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