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Miguel Fernández-Arias

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I’ve always been drawn to and fascinated by the human condition, be that in my formative years as an artist, my role as a business owner and leader working with clients, and now as a psychotherapist.

Despite having already worked with a large number and variety of clients, what I’m ultimately about is far more than the skills I’ve acquired along the way and throughout my years of training. I believe my lived experience and expertise gained in the so-called ‘school of hard knocks’ is what really matters most in my work as a psychotherapist.

Having witnessed the transformative power of healing and growth in my own life, I now feel very privileged to be in a position of helping others in their own journeys, wherever they find themselves along the path.  Through a combination of curiosity, creativity and compassion, my aim is to configure a space into which a successful therapeutic alliance for healing and growth can occur.


BA(Hons) Fine Art. Senior Trainee – Final Year of training towards Gestalt Psychotherapist Advanced Diploma (HIPC)

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My Fees are not fixed whilst completing training – reduced rates available.

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