Manchester Gestalt Centre is offering three webinars offering participants time to meet people outside their home circle in this time when conferences are difficult.

You will find information on all the Manchester Gestalt Centre webinars here, where you will also find links to purchase videos of the webinars Alessandra Merizzi and Peter Philippson have already done.



Engineers’ House, Bristol, Saturday 25th September


Equalising Rhythms – the Spirit within Matter

Jocelyn’s lecture and experiential session will address the impact of hierarchies on our lives, in the context of three crises which all interconnect and relate profoundly to the Coronavirus crisis.

Firstly, The Crisis of Meaning: Spirituality has been an important part of Gestalt and other therapies, but it has usually been connected to patriarchal religions or New Age commercialism. In both, the underlying model is hierarchical, as with the goal of moving ever upwards towards enlightenment or perfection.

Secondly, the Climate Crisis: In nature, both within and outside us, balancing or equalising can be seen as the most powerful underlying force.

And thirdly, the Crisis of Inequality: We cannot build a more sustainable future with present levels of inequality and our dominating, vertical thinking.

Jocelyn has been working on the more balancing, rhythm model as an alternative paradigm for 40 years, finding it relevant to therapy practice as well as to the wider eco-systems we live in.

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Are you thinking of becoming a supervisor? Why not make 2022 the time to do it!

Relational Change is again offering its UKCP/HIPS approved course “Supervision : A Relational Change Process” starting in January 2022.  The course will be delivered as a hybrid course with at least one module online.

Previous attendees have commented:

“If you are looking for a professionally managed programme that integrates and grounds theory with experiential learning in an inclusive and expertly facilitated environment, then this is the one for you.”
JT.  OD Practitioner.

“Thank you for a most fantastic course it has brought up so much and inspired me in so many ways.”
DG. Clinical Psychologist in NHS

For these and other testimonials about the course, please click here.

For further details and to book please see: Supervision: A Relational Change Process.

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