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Elizabeth Cooksey

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 I have been in practise for 25 years working in a variety of settings including the NHS, university and social work.  I have a lot of experience of both short-term work (6 sessions) to solve immediate problems and long term work to change deep-seated difficulties.

I see creating a trusting accepting relationship as paramount to enabling people to unfold and discover more about who they are, what they want and how they can live meaningful lives.  I have a meditation practice that supports my ability to stay present with whatever emotions arise in the room.  I have a particular interest in mind- body- spirit connections and also work as a healer.

I enjoy working with couples and small groups where what happens between people becomes a more important focus than the relationship with me.

The principles of Gestalt therapy – using enquiry of what is happening in the room to raise awareness of self, self in relation, and how meaning is created within the context one lives in, underpin all I do.

I currently work as a tutor at the Gestalt Centre in London. I also offer supervision to individuals in London and Salisbury

GPTI Supervisor


B.Sc, Ph.D.

Fees (Therapy)

£50 -£70 Individuals & couples

Professional registration
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Disabled Access at London venue only


London EC2

Salisbury, Wiltshire