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I have worked with many hundreds of clients since I started my first training as a counsellor back in 1992, both in private practice and in the NHS in East London where I worked as a clinician and manager for seven years. I now offer brief and longer term therapy to individuals and couples, and supervise the work of other counsellors and psychotherapists. I am interested in de-mystifying the process of counselling/therapy and aim to engage and communicate in as direct and straightforward a way as possible. Both my counselling and psychotherapy trainings were humanistic trainings, an approach that takes an essentially optimistic view of human nature and which emphasises our capacity for self-determination, our strivings for freedom and the inherent dignity of the person (in all dimensions). For a more complete elaboration see

People most often come forward with relationship issues, namely, difficulties maintaining or establishing intimate relationships. Many are struggling to come to terms with a loss, either through bereavement or separation. Quite often my clients are trying to manage high levels of worry and anxiety, and many are dealing with what is often called depression, or low mood, or ‘stress’. Sometimes this is a more serious depression that has required the help of a GP and medication. Clients are often trying to resolve long-standing problems which they have tried and failed to resolve themselves. For some this might mean wrestling with issues to do with sex or sexuality, or the consequences of childhood trauma, of whatever kind. Nearly always there will be issues of trust – a trust betrayed or a trust that has been damaged in some way.  Sometimes people are looking for help understanding a stunted or blocked creativity, wanting to find ways to live more fulfilling lives. But often enough my clients don’t know what it is exactly that troubles them; what they do know is that they need a space to talk and reflect and think.

I have been supervising the work of other psychotherapists and counsellors since 2001. For twelve years I supervised a team of counsellors and psychotherapists from a local NHS trust and I now work with a number of trainee therapists and individuals from voluntary sector organisations. I am a Primary Supervisor for the Integrative Psychotherapy Training at the Metanoia Institute in London and I am on the UKCP Supervisor’s Register. I also supervise the work of a number of individual counsellors and therapists from voluntary sector organisations. I am very interested in those aspects of therapeutic practice that are held in common across therapeutic divides, and thinking about what it is that is essentially therapeutic about the work that we do. I have considerable experience of being supervised by both psychoanalytic as well as humanistic therapists and have found the experience invariably enriching. My own post-qualifying psychoanalytic therapy has also proved invaluable in informing my rather ecumenical view of modern psychotherapeutic practice.

I have always been interested in the subtle and complex interrelation between psychological processes, the body and physical illness. My work in Primary Care in Newham over nearly a decade gave me first-hand experience of the particular stresses being managed by GPs in their daily interactions with patients, and it was here that I became aware of, and interested in, the work of the Hungarian psychoanalyst Michael Balint. Now an accredited Balint group leader, I co-lead an established GP Balint Group in Brockley SE4 and run Balint groups for first year clinical medical students at St George’s University of London Medical School in south London.

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Diploma in Humanistic Counselling (1993), Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Whittington Hospital School of Counselling & Psychotherapy) 2000, Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy (Metanoia) 2001, Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy (GPTI) 2001, MSc in Gestalt Psychotherapy (Middlesex University) 2001, accredited Balint Group Leader (2015)

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