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As a therapist, I have a deep interest in psychotherapy as an effective means of helping us face the challenges that sometimes arise in life.  People come into therapy for varied reasons, with different past experiences including different levels of trauma. I work in a trauma-informed way to help my clients uncover the supports that enable them to make the changes they wish for. My intention is to create an environment where you can express yourself and know that you will be heard and not judged. My clients generally tell me I’m warm and empathic, a good listener, and that I help them deal with challenging issues. There is very little that shocks me.

It is my aim to help you see your situation more clearly, and to begin to identify thoughts and behaviours that help, and those that hinder.  As your awareness of yourself and your relationships with others grows, the potential to change becomes possible. A good working relationship between me and my client is fundamental to the way I work, with therapy as a creative and collaborative process between us. I draw on all of my training and experience, and as I pay close attention to your responses and feedback, we will work together to create the therapy that is effective for you.


As a supervisor my intention is to facilitate my supervisee’s growth, authority, self-belief, awareness, creativity, and ethical practice. I also think that supervision can be a place for humour, fun, aliveness, and experimentation. I encourage paying attention to assessment, diagnosis and planning, looking at skills and strategies, exploring creative ways of working, and increasing awareness of the relational process and what takes place in the between.

I am curious about growing edges – both my own and my supervisee’s, and a question which guides my work is, “How do we work at the growing edge, oscillating between supported risk, and the need to feel safe?” This is in part what clients come to therapy for, and what supervisees come for in supervision – to be stretched and made more aware, and for that awareness to lead to possible change.

My intention is to create an environment where being truthful and vulnerable is possible, and where we can bring the whole of ourselves, including mistakes. I am very aware of the potential for shame in supervision, as this was a familiar part of my experience as a trainee. Because of the power differential in supervision, the potential for squashing our clients or supervisees is always present, and at times it will happen. Repairing and healing a shame experience by recognising that the disconnection is relational and co-created, not just in one person, can be one of the strongest acts of confirmation. I see rupture and repair as a vital aspect of building a safe, open, trusting relationship. When paid attention to, shame can be transformed from something isolating to a connective, relational, growthful experience.


Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, CSTD Diploma in Supervision

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