Manchester Gestalt Centre is offering three webinars offering participants time to meet people outside their home circle in this time when conferences are difficult.
You will find information on all the Manchester Gestalt Centre webinars here, where you will also find links to purchase videos of the webinars Alessandra Merizzi and Peter Philippson have already done.
I’m a white therapist and I care about racism. What next? What do I do? Where do I go from here?

Full information flier is available here: White privilege-2

If these questions resonate, then this workshop is for you. We are two white female therapists who are grappling with these questions ourselves. We don’t pretend to know the answers, but are offering a safely held space to experience, think about, and explore our whiteness. We feel that this subject has long been overlooked because of the prevailing worldview we were born into, where white people see themselves as unraced, as the norm from which other cultures differ. We will take as our starting point the fact that systemic racism exists, and that as white people, we play a part in either perpetuating or dismantling that system. From this starting point, anything will be welcome into the discussion and the process – the full range of our doubts, fears, emotions and experiences.
We have designed a workshop of carefully graded exercises in order to explore what it is to be white and living in a multi-cultural society with a history of racism and colonialism. We will explore the taboos and stereotypes that inhibit us from speaking openly about racial dynamics, particularly within the psychotherapy and counselling profession.
This workshop is not about ‘getting it right’. Our aim is to create an open, permissive, and even playful space where we can explore thoughts, feelings and experiences of racism without fear of making a mistake, a space where we can experiment and learn from each other.

Dates We are running this workshop several times, so you have a choice of dates:

• Saturday and Sunday, 23-24 January 2021

• Saturday and Sunday, 6-7 February 2021

• Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 February 2021

Time 9.30am – 1.30pm both days, with regular breaks.

Online Platform We will meet on zoom, with a mixture of smaller and larger group exercises

Participants Psychotherapists, arts therapists, counsellors and trainees welcome, with a maximum of 12

Cost £85 Early bird (up until January 17th for the Jan workshop, up until January 31st for the Feb workshops), £100 full price. We don’t want to turn anyone away because of financial difficulty, so please be in touch to discuss if this is the case.

Booking For more information about booking, please contact Dawn Gwilt at

Dawn Gwilt is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and supervisor-in-training: ‘The title of this workshop sums it up for me. I care deeply about racism and inequality, and I’m actively seeking out ways to be part of the change. I want to challenge myself and other white therapists to increase awareness about our innate white privilege, and to find ways of doing this without driving our prejudiced thoughts underground.’

Gillian Downie is a Gestalt Psychotherapist, supervisor and workshop facilitator: ‘My undergraduate research was in the field of institutional racism and since then my understanding of the impact of colonialism, racism and my white privilege has been an ongoing journey. I am increasingly aware of the subtlety and sensitivity required to facilitate explorations in a way that provides a safe space for this rigorous and essential work.’


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